A few laps around the track

St. Chris students raise money for local charities


Hundreds of children in light-blue polos hit the pavement last week to raise money for local charities during the St. Christopher Honor Society’s second annual walk-a-thon.

The honor society, comprised of 22 seventh and eight graders, hosted the walk-a-thon on June 4 and raised $1,500. The group will donate $1,000 to The Sarah Grace Foundation, which helps children with cancer, and $250 each to the INN in Hempstead and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

The event was held in a school parking lot, which served as a track. Much like NASCAR drivers, students from pre-school through eighth grade circled the track, only much slower and safer.

“It’s pretty uplifting to help the community and actually produce some good,” said Jacob Neumann, a 13-year-old eighth grader. “Knowing that the event that you’re hosting is going to make someone’s life better and produce a better quality of life for someone is pretty gratifying.”

Members of the honor society escorted students in each grade around the track for about 20 minutes at a time. When the time was up, students in a different grade level would come out to get their 20 minutes of walking in.

Each student who participated was asked to get sponsors for the event; any amount was welcomed.

Afia Kuragu and Ashley Fils-Aime, each 14 and in eighth grade, said it was nice to help organize the event. “I find it fun doing things like this because I like helping others,” Fils-Aime said. “Knowing that I can do something to help make someone’s life better is great.”

The event was first held at St. Christopher last year, which was the first year Kelly Minot, a junior high history teacher, became moderator of the honor society. Last year, the money raised went to Sandy relief and the local chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation, Minot said, adding that the school received a wealth of positive feedback from the organizations after the donations were made.

To be accepted to the honor society, a student’s academics, community service and leadership qualities are weighed, and interested students must submit an essay to be considered.

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