B4C weighing difficult options

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  • Option 4: Everything except bowling, with a $10,000 loan provided by resident parents and to be drawn against the next fundraising period.
  • The fourth option was not on the docket before the meeting, but was suggested by a resident as the session progressed. The idea that the three most expensive items on the menu could all be funded was an attractive one, but the details of the loan offer were still being worked out as the Herald went to press.

    According to Damm, the school district and the Baldwin Foundation for Education are still evaluating the permissibility of the loan offer. There is also, Damm says, some trepidation among B4C members about borrowing against funds they have yet to raise. (The organization divided its fundraising goals into fall, winter and spring collection periods. The $10,000 loan would be added to fall funds, but taken from the winter collection.)

    Although he allowed a margin for error, Damm speculated that while Option 4 — the loan — was tentatively approved at last week’s meeting, he personally felt that Option 2 was the most likely to be approved.

    “Option 2 is the fallback if Option 4 is not allowed,” Damm said, adding that while the loss of the middle school musical would be unfortunate, there was already talk of forming a BMS theatrical club to help keep the arts alive at that level.

    Damm also addressed the tension surrounding last week’s tough choices, saying that while the decisions the community is making are not easy, members of the group have remained cordial and respected one another’s varied priorities.

    “There was no anger, really,” Damm said. “People are resigned to the situation.”

    He also acknowledged that raising funds might prove more difficult as time goes on. Residents have already been asked for numerous contributions, and the fundraising campaigns are only in their middle stages. 

    “Unfortunately we’re bleeding the community dry,” Damm said, though he added that he and his fellow fundraisers were scheduling their fundraisers to reduce the burden on the community.

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