Budget debate dominates PTA forum

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Rebore: Will vote for the plan, but doesn’t believe it’s workable long-term. “I always support the budget,” she said. “But I don’t think it’s feasible for the community. It will add stress, year after year, for every stakeholder in the community.” Rebore brought up an idea, raised last year by unsuccessful candidate Michael Grannum, of creating a zero-base budget — rebuilding Baldwin’s financial foundation with no assumptions whatsoever.

Press: Will vote for the plan, but doesn’t believe Baldwin will approve four consecutive years of increases that exceed the state’s tax cap. Press said he would “vote for whatever we put out there,” but he thinks Baldwin will need to get lucky to pass this year’s budget, let alone three additional years of increases. “We have to look at ways to stop proposing budgets this high,” he said.

Among other questions, each candidate was also asked why he or she was the best-qualified person for a board position. Clark cited her experience on the board as well as her frankness and assertiveness. She also said that as a nurse, not an education professional, she contributed a different perspective to board quandaries.

Taylor stood on her three years as an advocate for Baldwin and said she wouldn’t need to “learn on the job, especially in the difficult years ahead.”
Rebore said that as a member of a “trans-racial” family, she “fit[s] in well with the diversity in Baldwin.” She also said that as a trial lawyer specializing in education law, she understood statutes that would let her “hit the ground running.”

Press pointed out his community activism with the PTA and the school board, and said his contract law background fit in well with much of the school board already takes on.

The school board and budget vote will be held from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on May 21 at the high school. If you have questions about the election, call (516) 377-9200.

For full candidate profiles, see next week’s Herald.
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