Building a budget, part one

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Savings on the administrative side were expected to come from a reduction of nearly $167,000 in “supervision,” which Cullen

described as a realignment of administrative staff, and almost $20,000 in “district clerk and meeting expenses,” which he said would come from the use of older voting machines that do not need to be supplied with paper.

Capital gains and losses

The district’s total capital budget is expected to increase by around $850,000 in 2013-14, from $15.2 million to $16.05 million. A $234,000 rise in operations salaries is the most substantial expected increase, and

Cullen explained that this derived from the district’s increased reliance on substitute teachers and overtime to save money on other budget lines.

Elsewhere in the capital budget picture, costs held firm. Virtually no extra money was budgeted for fuel or water, and, Cullen noted, “There are no capital projects budgeted in 2013-14.” He said that infrastructure repairs and upgrades would be paid for with a fund the district set up in 2011.

A summary of the administrative and capital sections of the proposed spending plan is available at The next two budget work sessions were scheduled for Feb 13 and 27, at Baldwin Senior High School, at 7 p.m.

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