Helping Pets and Families in Need

Posted by MRaines574

In the week that has followed Hurricane Sandy, we have all experienced, seen and read about the devastation this storm has inflicted upon our communities. This superstorm has caused destruction of homes and cars, widespread flooding, left millions without electricity or a place to live, as well as gas for their cars and generators – and has also had a profound effect on our pets.

There are many pets that are, as we write this, being saved from abandoned and destroyed homes through the tireless and heroic efforts of the ASPCA and other rescue workers. Still other pets have been displaced from their homes and are suffering from a variety of ailments, including drinking contaminated water, traumatic injuries from debris, and severe anxiety caused by the distress of upheaval, and being caught up in the tension that the people around them cannot avoid or hide from them.

Thankfully most of the local shelters and hotels are welcoming pets, keeping them with their families, a crucial comfort to them in this most difficult time. Many of these pets and their owners cannot access medical records or needed medication and food, and even miss the pleasure and contentment of their beds, blankets, toys, food bowls and of course the familiar sights and smells of home.

We find ourselves in a unique position to help, both geographically and professionally. We run an animal hospital that is lucky enough to have full power, and operating as we normally do. Sadly, many neighboring animal hospitals were not as fortunate as us and either have no power or have sustained major damage. Due to this, these facilities are (hopefully) temporarily unable to provide pets and owners with medical care, and thus many in the community have been reaching out to us for help.

As a result of this deluge of need, we have begun to collect donations of supplies, both for pets, and for their people, from veterinary companies and from local citizens. We have food, treats, blankets, toys, as well as clothing for people and toys for children to distribute to those in need. We also have a warm place to sit and watch tv, charge cell phones, have coffee, or just hang out!

For anyone in need, please contact us thru facebook at Sunrise Animal Hospital, twitter @drandyrose, or directly at Sunrise Animal Hospital in Rockville Centre to obtain our help. Come to us, or we can bring supplies to you.

We Care.

Michelle Raines, Manager

Andy Rose, DVM

Alex Popa, DVM

And the staff of Sunrise Animal Hospital