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Saturday, May 28, 2016
Sani2 to stay

The votes are in and and Sani2 will remain in operation. The final count was 1,682 to dissolve and 4,597 to keep the district in place. See our paper next week for more on the voting.


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First, I was disappointed that your editorial board did not write an editorial supporting the District prior to the vote. Second, Newsday's editors were "clueless" in their endorsement to disolve as witnessed by the overwhelming 73% total vote, 81% in Baldwin, in favor of retaining the District. I have been a resident of Baldwin for 62 years, a volunteer firefighter for 45, and by the way a "lifelong": Democrat. Baldwin's residents were insulted by outsiders atempts, mostly untrue, to convince us to dislove the District. They and Newsday were apparently not aware of over 80 years of continued exceptional services provided by the District. Obviously, consolidation in this case will not necessarily provide better service. All of Baldwin is proud of all the District workers during the aftermat of Superstorm Sandy. Just ask all those affected by flooding for their opinion!

Please include my above comment as a "Letter to the Editor". Thank you.


Friday, December 14, 2012 | Report this


Good morning. My name is Jerry Brown. I am a lifelong resident of Baldwin New York, a Volunteer Firefighter, A Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician, a Volunteer School Safety Advisor and a Proud Elected Commissioner of Sanitary District Two, Baldwin, South Hempstead and Roosevelt. I have just completed an exhausting campaign against outside agitators and paid operatives attempting to overthrow our local government, Sanitary District Two. I have great issue on how the local media (with the exception of the Baldwin Herald Newspaper), reported on this grass roots movement to maintain local control of our District.

How dare the media call the L.I.P.C. and the R.E.S.D. grass roots? They assembled paid operatives from NYC, Suffolk and other locales to abolish a local Government operating for over 80 years in the Town of Hempstead. The genuine grass roots movement was that of the residents of Baldwin, So. Hempstead and Roosevelt, who spoke clearly and voted overwhelmingly to keep their local government, save tax dollars and maintain service.

Non-bias reporting would seem to most that News 12 and Newsday would report equally on both sides of the issue at hand. This was not the case in the past months regarding the attempts by outsiders to dissolve Sanitary District 2 in Baldwin. Both sides claimed they would be saving tax dollars however this was never reported equally and without prejudice.

With the highest voter turnout in the Sanitary history, both local media monopolies, News 12 & Newsday, refused once again to report fairly and without bias. The people of Sanitary District 2 sent a clear and overwhelming message that they were not duped by the untruths and slander disseminated by the L.I.P.C. and R.E.S.D. paid operatives. This news was not reported. Interviews of one of the operatives were reported only although her information was false and speculative at best. Why I ask, did News 12 and Newsday conveniently omit statements from the majority, The Sanitation worker, The Friends of Sanitary 2 or Officials from Sanitary District # 2?

The article, reporting on this great victory of the people stated “Sanitary District Survives the Vote” rather than “Grass Roots Movement Overwhelmingly Defeats outside Invasion” or The People of Sanitary District Two Victorious”. Even in their devastating defeat, these outside political operatives received the lion’s share of the press.

In Closing I take two lines from “Harding’s Newspaper Creed”, written August 14, 1920.

• Remember there are two sides to every story. Get them both.

• In reporting a political gathering, give the facts. Tell the story as it is, not as you would like to have it. Treat all parties alike.

Try to keep it fair News 12 and Newsday. Let the people decide with unbiased, open-minded reporting short of ownership’s private or political agenda.

Saturday, December 15, 2012 | Report this
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