Sani2 wins support after Sandy

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“I hope that when the sanitation vote occurs on Dec. 12th, that everyone remembers how hard the crews were working to get this town back on track after Sandy,” wrote Ed and Denise Healey, of Remmert Place in Baldwin. “[We] have friends in the harbor area who told me they were getting daily pick-ups seven days a week.”

“[Sani2] did yeoman’s work in cleaning up, along with disaster relief help after Sandy in Roosevelt, Baldwin and So. Hempstead,” wrote James Tomlin. “They deserve your support.” And Kathy and Tom Benson, longtime Baldwin residents, commended Sani2’s attitude after the storm: “They’ve had losses of their own, but they manage to give you a wave, smile and a horn honk.”

For people like Dan Wiener, the battle over the district’s dissolution has become personal. “We’ll do anything for these guys,” he said, indicating a cluster of neighbors who nodded in agreement. “If they try to dissolve the district, we’ll be out there fighting.”

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