The latest from Baldwin Schools

A transcript of a phone message sent by the Baldwin School District on Nov. 5.


This is a message from Baldwin School District. Please listen to the entire message as there are many points to communicate. There is no school Tuesday, November 6, and Wednesday, November 7. There is no Staff Development Day tomorrow. We will alert DO staff if there is work on Wednesday. For election day all polling places in the district schools are open. However, Shubert School is not open as a polling place and if you are unsure where to vote, please call the Board of Elections. [The Herald also has a list of polling place here.] Finally, if you are a family or staff member in need, please come to the District Office between 9 and 3 to pick up supplies at the distribution center. You can donate blankets, hats and gloves, nonperishable food, cleaning supplies,extension cords or batteries, but bring these items to St. Christopher's Church at 11 Gale Avenue, Baldwin. St. Chris also needs volunteers to sort the donations. We will call on Wednesday with an update and hope everyone is getting the help they need. Thank you.