Letter to the Editor

Wants more participation in school elections


To the Editor:

I would like to congratulate Joe DiSibio on his victory in the District 13 race for school board and thank him for his encouragement. I also would like to congratulate Toni Pomerantz on her victory. She will be an excellent addition to the board. 

I would like to thank those that supported me and let everyone know what a great experience the whole process has been. I would like to repeat my goal of encouraging more people to become involved. Our district has 28,000 residents, but on a beautiful day, only 1,577 residents took the time to cast a vote on the budget. We can do better. I also encourage more voters to be involved in the process of running for a position. I can personally vouch for what a rewarding experience it is, and would be happy to help.  

It is discouraging that in 39 districts on Long Island, voters did not even have a choice because the incumbents ran unopposed. Two districts had open seats that did not even garner enough interest to have one person seek the position. Come on, Long Island, we can do better!

Patrick Heaney