Working in concert

Baldwinpalooza raised more than the roof on Saturday — the all-day event also collected more than $20,000 in donations


Baldwinpalooza, the concert that assembled local talent for an all-day performance to benefit Baldwin schools last weekend, raised more than $20,000 — a figure that may increase as additional vendors turn in their percentages. Held on a beautiful late summer day, the event drew around 700 people to its program of music, games, food and other attractions.

One highlight of the day, event organizer and Herald photographer Theresa Press said, was the pie-toss contest. This madcap affair involved people chipping in “to see beloved community members get a whipped cream pie in the face.” Press revealed that the attraction’s biggest earner was Chamber of Commerce co-president, Ralph Rose, who raked in $440 in exchange for taking a cream pie in the kisser. Other victims who got their piece of the pie included BHS teachers Mary Truelson, Rob Ventura, Stephanie Muir, Steve DeLuccia and Board of Education Trustee Joel Press. (Theresa’s husband.) Fire Department Chief Rob Brancato and Joe Doyle, father of four, also helped the pie-toss take in more than $1300.

Music, of course, was the day’s chief attraction. Blue Jupiter, an a cappella band featuring Jonathan Minkoff, 1986 BHS graduate, wowed the crowd, as did Baldwin 7th grader Trilian Wood-Smith, who goes by the rap name TrillVill.

Martha Wash, a resident of Baldwin, sang the national anthem in addition to her new single, “It’s My Time.” She also sang the classic for which she is best known, “It’s Raining Men.”

Behind the scenes, a group of stage crew students under the direction of BHS tech teacher, Scott Peritz, helped the show move smoothly. “With 14 acts in eight hours, that was no easy feat,” Press said.

Out in front of the stage there was facepainting by Agostino Arts/Transformation, a fire truck for kids to explore and plenty of information about local groups and businesses. Press said community spirit surrounding the event was running so high there was already discussion of making Baldwinpalooza an annual affair. “Speaking for the organizers,” Press said, “we’ll take a little break for right now and see what happens.”