1st Precinct in limbo

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The data also indicates that at two of the three consolidated units, the number of reports of major crime jumped this year. The comparison report for the 3rd and 4th precincts showed increases.

Dale issued a statement last week describing these statistics as misleading, saying that they “inaccurately portrayed the state of Nassau County.”

Denenberg also questioned the savings the county would accrue from consolidation. He said that the precincts that merged had to spend thousands of dollars on trailers to accommodate officers and supplies that were moved. County Comptroller George Maragos said the county does not yet have a revised savings projection for the consolidation plan, but that it would be examined when the comptroller’s office prepares to close the books for the 2012 fiscal year after July. 

Residents, others relieved for now

While officials and residents still wait for a decision on the possible merger of the 1st and 7th precincts, some said they were pleased that the Baldwin station house would remain operational for the time being. Joseph Scannell, a county legislator and a lifelong Baldwin resident, said he is thrilled that the 1st will be kept open, and described the merger process as a roller coaster.

“It was supposed to be here, then there, but we’re just so happy it’s staying,” he said. “We’ve been getting tons of calls about it.”

Leaders of the Baldwin Civic Association also said they welcomed the recent news that the community would not lose the precinct. David Viana, the group’s president, said its members believe the decision is a great step in helping keep Baldwin and surrounding communities safe.

“We understand that the decision to hold off on the merger is only temporary,” Viana added. “However, we hope that Nassau County will decide to permanently keep the 1st Precinct located in Baldwin.”

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