Five Ways Home Care Can Help You Care for an Aging Loved One


You’re the caregiver for an aging loved one, and although sometimes you need help in order to keep them at home safely, you’re not ready to transition to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility setting. Consider these five times where the help of a home health aide or companion might make the world of difference for you and your loved one.

1. It’s summer, and vacations are being planned. You’ve made reservations for hotels, flights and the car service. You have stopped the mail and newspaper. The children are in summer camp. But still outstanding are the services for Mom and/or Dad. Your parents can no longer be alone and need assistance with their personal care, a light meal and household tasks. Plan ahead. Home Care can provide assistance and give you peace of mind.

2. You are a professional and your position requires travel for business. Domestic and international travel are more time-consuming than ever. You would feel more comfortable and less distracted if you could count on the excellent care of a trusted home health aide for your loved one while you are away.

3. As a primary caregiver, your personal time is limited. Keeping your own doctor appointments or going to the store can feel like an overwhelming burden. Consider what the services of a home health aide or companion might do to relieve that stress, or to simply help when you are tired and need some down time.

4. Adult children can assist parents in many ways, but handling personal needs can make all parties very uncomfortable. The assistance of a home health aide for personal hygiene can be invaluable in creating a stress-free home atmosphere. A conversation with an intake coordinator at a home care agency can provide your family with options you might not have considered.

5. As a health care proxy for an important person in your life, you are now a caregiver with certain responsibilities. Unfortunately, you live out of the area or even out of state. Although you can’t be present on a daily basis to help, home care professionals may be able to assist you in planning for the needs of that favorite relative and ease your concerns.

Enlisting the aid of a home health agency can help seniors remain safe, happy and at home… and provide caregivers with peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving expert support, compassionate care and proper supervision.

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