Grand Avenue celebrates during Spirit Week


Bellmore middle-schoolers recently showed their spirit on a grand scale.

Students and faculty at Grand Avenue Middle School celebrated during their annual Spirit Week from March 3 to 7. The festivities culminated with the Grand Olympics on March 6 and 7.

During Spirit Week, seventh- and eighth-graders dressed according to themes. “Favorite Team Day” was held on Monday, “Mix-n-Match Day” on Tuesday and “School Color Day” on Wednesday.

At the end of the week, the middle-schoolers wore the colors that represented their academic teams, which squared off in the Grand Olympics. The Rice-a-Ronies, A-Team, Rice-A-Maniacs and Dynamite took part in the seventh-grade competition, with teams Legacy, Discovery, Ice and Taco going head-to-head in the eighth-grade competition.

The teams competed in relays such as slip-and-slide, switch-and-balance, the scoot-and-balloon pop, and the hockey shot, football throw and three-point shot. Each team was also asked to perform a cheer from their bleacher seats, with cheers judged on creativity and participation.