Kennedy Cougars roar at Class Night


More than 800 students showed their support for “Cougar Nation” and a charitable cause at Kennedy High School’s Class Night on Feb. 27.

Kennedy’s student government organizes the annual night of good-natured fun and games at the school, which houses students from south Bellmore and Merrick. In addition, Aydin Kessler and Edward Koton, the student government’s community service coordinators, organized a clothing drive to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Brad Seidman, a Kennedy social studies teacher and the student government’s co-adviser with Anthony DeMartinis, said each class was asked to collect clothing as part of the competition.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors squared off at Class Night, with judges awarding points based on their placement in physical competitions and their school and class spirit. Seidman noted that classes were awarded points for contests held during Spirit Week in the fall.

Each class decorated a section of the gym bleachers with their team’s theme, such as “Seniors in Space” and “G.I. Juniors.” Students cheered on their teammates and competed in tug of war, crab soccer, limbo and a dance contest. The senior finished in first place.

“The sophomore class had a solid showing by winning many events,” Seidman said. “The seniors, however, entered the night with a strong lead due to their participation in Spirit Week.”