Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

April 4-10, 2013


Thank you for your vote of confidence

To the Editor:

With the village election behind us, I wanted to express my deepest thanks for the overwhelming vote of support at the polls. Although I ran for re-election unopposed, as did Justice Steve Siegel and Trustee-elect Theresa Gaffney, the tremendous turnout for an uncontested election was deeply humbling and a true testament to the work Mayor Fran Lenahan and the village board have done, especially rebuilding post-Sandy.

We’ve worked together starting to fix the broken village government in East Rockaway. We’ve cut taxes twice consecutively, eliminated six-figure salaried appointed bureaucrats; we’ve rebuilt our DPW and started repairing infrastructure, prevented part-time employees from earning over $100 per hour and expanded village recreation — and we will continue enhancing our quality of life.

I’m also dedicated to ensuring our village fully recovers from Sandy, especially the families, local businesses and organizations that were affected. While East Rockaway is blessed with caring neighbors who have contributed towards the recovery themselves, I’m committed to ensuring our village government continues rebuilding and provides the relief our neighbors need.

Once again, thank you for the support. Steve Siegel, Theresa Gaffney and I are grateful for this strong vote of confidence from our community.

Bruno F. Romano

Deputy mayor, Village of East Rockaway

Say ‘no’ to casinos in Nassau County

To the Editor:

I have recently learned that Senator Dean Skelos is supporting bringing a casino to Nassau County. I think this would be a bad idea that could ruin our beautiful environment that is now filled with nice homes, diverse cultures, outstanding and nurturing schools, and wonderful family life.

As a longtime resident of Long Island, I want to preserve our quality of life, and I assure you that casinos will not only bring crime to our neighborhoods but will expose our families to gambling addiction. Casinos certainly don’t provide long-term or high- paying jobs. I am aware of the financial hardships of Nassau County, but I don’t believe that bringing a casino — along with the rising crime rate and increase in gambling addiction that they bring — is the solution to our problems.

Let’s focus our energy on finding real solutions that will bring long-term, high-paying jobs to our families and especially to our recent college graduates.

Michael Volk

East Rockaway