N. Bellmore district’s leadership shifts

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Pollitt’s fellow instructional technology specialist, Jason Fischetti, will also take on a new role in 2013-14. He was appointed as the district’s technology director on July 10. He assumes the position formerly held by Gary Pardo, who died this spring. The superintendent said Fischetti was an ideal candidate because he worked with Pardo for 11 years before his death and knows all of the district’s programs.

Noting that the end of the 2012-13 school year brought many changes for North Bellmore, Testa said all searches and transitions have gone smoothly with the help of a communicative Board of Education and Assistant Superintendent Carol Eskew, who also serves as the district’s human resources director. She said all involved in the searches have been supportive, and she is excited about the district’s future.

“It’s very exciting because you wish all the best, but you keep moving forward with the end in mind,” she said. “We’ve met as teams and are working through transitions. It’s been a true pleasure to witness and to be a part of. We’re really proud of where we are and what we’re looking toward.”

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