Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor, Week of Feb. 21




To the Editor:

Regarding Scott Brinton’s column, “Where, oh where, is Long Island’s wind farm?” (Feb. 7-13):

I agree that we need wind farms. Several years ago, I attended a meeting at Massapequa High School to find out the cost to install and maintain a wind farm, along with the amount of energy it would supply, the jobs it would create and the danger to the wildlife, if any, it would present. I did not learn the answers to these questions.

    There were, however, other interesting points that were discussed. First, it appeared to me that Big Oil was using environmentalists to fight wind farms. Second, people don’t trust anyone. Third, even Long Island Power Authority employees don’t want wind farms –– they’re probably worried about their jobs.

   When the first President Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq, all he had to do was raise gas prices, and every American immediately hated Iraq. This worked so well that his son used the tactic after Sept. 11 to get us riled up again. Gas prices have stayed higher, and American companies are making a fortune. My point is that windmill supporters should use higher fuel oil prices to get Long Islanders to want windmills. 

Who really cares about the view of the ocean? Only people on the shore facing the ocean would see the wind farm.

   Unfortunately, people are easily swayed by propaganda. Look what happened in Long Beach. The government was going to build up the dunes in 2006, but people rejected the project because they wanted to see the ocean. I don’t have to tell you the results.

Randy Perlmutter