Seniors reign supreme at Kennedy High School's Class Night


John F. Kennedy High School’s annual Class Night festivities had a “Superbowl moment,” according to student government adviser Bradley Seidman. Toward the end of the evening on March 7, a brief power outage halted activities, as was the case at the National Football League’s championship game last month.

“The gym went dark,” he said. “The kids were excellent. They patiently waited in the stands for the lights to go on.” The event went on without after that, as nearly 700 students from different grades competed in relay events in the gym.

Seidman, who is also a social studies teacher at Kennedy, said freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors squared off in events like a tug of war, dodge ball, limbo and a dance competition. Each class earned points for the placement in the competitions, which were chosen by student government members, and a winner was named by five faculty judges.

The seniors, who based their class decorations and costumes on a “sinners and saints” theme, emerged victorious on Class Night. The class of 2013 council printed shirts and chose the theme, as did representatives of the “junior jackpot” class of 2014, the “Soph Wars” class of 2015 and the “99 Problems” class of 2016 for their respective grades.

Seidman said that the event went well and was filled with positive energy, in spite of the blackout near the end of the night. He added he did not know the cause of the outage, but it did not greatly impact the evening.