Mepham High School Key Club recognized for 9/11 dedication


The Bellmore community recognized an act of patriotism when the Mepham High School Key Club dedicated a plaque to commemorate the citizens who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

During the Nov. 2 dedication ceremony, the Nassau County Police Department’s color guard performed and the Key Club was presented with two gifts. This included a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, which was presented by North Bellmore Fire Department Commissioner Edward Kraus, and an American flag that was flown over the nation’s capitol this year on Oct. 17.

The plaque, which was placed on the base of the school’s flagpole, recognizes the 343 members of the Fire Department of New York, the 23 members of New York Police Department, the 37 members of the New York port Authority and the many American citizens who died in the attacks over sixteen years ago.

Bellmore Kiwanis adviser and community member John Scalesi approached the Key Club members last year requesting if they would be interested in fundraising for a plaque remembering the first responders of 9/11.

“Between our relationship with the Kiwanis and our mission to encourage strong community values in the Key Club, this was an ideal project for us to partake in,” said Key Club adviser and school social worker Theana Cheliotes.

Many of the club’s members took an interest in fundraising and student Kayleigh Specht took a lead role in procuring the plaque.

“I was happy to conduct this presentation and share in the honor,” said Cheliotes. “It was to help guide our students to do such a nice thing.”