For the good of the community

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Most members who belong to the Chamber also belong to several other community groups, like Kiwanis, the Council of East Meadow Community Organizations, or the district’s Board of Education. “It’s always consisted of people that were unlike a lot of organizations. They weren’t takers — they were givers,” said Peterson. “I’ve always said, people that service our community and give back, we should support.”

Dolores Rome, who was inducted as president last year, succeeding Millie Jones, said she hopes that the Chamber will remain as active going forward as it has in the past. “Those past presidents worked closely together,” she said. “And that’s what we need. We need to work closely once again together with our membership.”

Rome preached that community involvement is the key to a successful Chamber of Commerce, and thus, a successful community. It’s not unlike the great partnership that was put forth to complete the Town Square, a picturesque reminder of what can be accomplished when a community works together.

“I go by it all of the time,” said Rome. “I see the elderly sitting on the benches in the beautiful weather, and they just sit there, and you see they’re dreaming — they’re thinking of their loved ones. And I go, ‘Wow, we did a good job.’”

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