Lady Jets are learning from the best

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The opposition, however, wasn’t as easy on her. LeSueur recalled one instance, on the road during a county-semifinal, when the opposing team’s student section was equipped with pacifiers and baby bottles, in an attempt to get under her skin. “I was always intrinsically motivated,” said LeSueur, though she added, “But stuff like that gave you a little extra push.”

As her high-school career progressed, she became more of a team leader, and the focal point of opposing team’s defensive strategies. As a junior and senior, she averaged 30 points per game, and her single-game high, she said, was 48 points. “We had a great run,” she recollected of Garden City’s three L.I. championships. “I had great teammates.”

LeSueur also played on a travel-AAU team, where she had teammates from Trinidad and Russia, and played in tournaments across the country. In addition to basketball, she also played soccer and lacrosse.

Following her historic high-school career, LeSueur played one year at the University of Virginia before transferring to Georgetown, where she became a three-year starter, a team captain, and played with future WNBA player Rebekkah Brunson.

After graduating in 2005, she said she considered pursuing a basketball career overseas, but ultimately decided to stay home and become a coach. “I had a lot of good opportunities to stay here and be involved with basketball,” she said.” I thought it was time to move on.”

LeSueur became the coach at East Meadow High School in 2009. She is also a business teacher at the school. “I love being a teacher and a coach in the school,” she said. “I think it’s great that the kids see you in a different light as a coach. And I think that as a teacher, they know you are a coach. I absolutely love that part of it.”

This year, as of Feb. 12, the Lady Jets are 7-9 overall, with a shot at making the playoffs. Although

LeSueur said her main priority is not wins and losses, but advancing the girls to a higher level. “If we do that year after year, we’ll start to build this program,” she said,

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