Lady Jets are learning from the best

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The members of her current squad were present during LeSueur’s recent jersey retirement. “It was really touching,” said Kristina Sanicola, an 11th grade captain. “Just to see what she actually accomplished was amazing. To realize what someone can really do at such a young age — it really pushed us to be a better team.”

LeSueur, who recently turned 30, married Tom Hughes in 2010, and the two live in Garden City. Hughes was present at the ceremony to lend his support, along with LeSueur’s parents and three siblings — who, as athletes, are not too shabby themselves. Her older brother, Paul Jr., played lacrosse at John Hopkins University. Her older sister, Sarah, played lacrosse at Notre Dame, and her twin brother, Peter, is the only 3-time All-American lacrosse player in Garden City history, and also won a national championship at John Hopkins.

“Bethany is an excellent teacher of the game, which I believe is an important quality for any successful coach,” said East Meadow Athletic Director Kevin Regan. “I think what our girls get most from working with her, besides that knowledge, is a passion and dedication to the sport. My hope is that she can continue to develop that love for the game and share the commitment needed to be outstanding with our girls.” 

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