Learning about the world through art

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The mural will be presented to the public during the theater’s 30th anniversary concert on Sunday, June 9 at 2 p.m. at Chaminade High School in Mineola, in which Leventhal will be performing.

It is the students who come up with the idea for each mural, said Healy. “It’s a very exciting way to go through life if you’re a teacher,” he said. “The kids are always bringing in new stuff. You take the fundamentals … and you apply it to new, challenging situations.”

“What I like is the fact that I’m always speaking to the children about being productive members of the community,” added principal James Lethbridge. “This is another example where they take their art skill, and then they put it on a piece of canvas, and now it’s out in the community. It’s something where you can take what you learn in school and put it to real life.”

Leventhal, who has been dancing since she was 2, was joined by her mother, father Brad and 9-year–old brother Spencer, a third grader at Barnum Woods, during the mural’s unveiling.

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