Meet Clarke's top graduates

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Wang is one of two children of Tian and Sharon Wang, who are originally from China. His older brother, Jason, is a student at Cornell. “The reason why I’m motivated to be successful is because of the way they raised me. They’ve always placed an emphasis on hard work,” said Daniel, adding that he wanted to thank his guidance counselor, Susan O’Connor, and his biology teacher, Debbie Langone.

Evangelatos said that his parents, Susie and Ted Evangelatos, taught him what is important both in and out of the classroom. His brother, Peter, studies at the University of Rochester.

With the school year coming to a rapid close, the two couldn’t help but reminisce about their high school experience. “I was always trying to work hard and keep my grades up,” said Evangelatos. “Over the years, you realize that you gain motivation from all the teachers around you. You realize how good it is here.”

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