PTA Council continues to advocate

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The final resolution, which was referred back to committee for revision, called for a statewide adoption of criminal charges in the Social Host Law, which prohibits adults from providing alcohol to minors, or allowing underage drinking in homes.

Of the some 300 people who attended the PTA Conference, nearly one-third were from Nassau County. “Nassau was extremely active in the advocacy,” La Scala said. “Which really made the experience of the convention so rich and fulfilling.”

With her daughter’s attendance, Allred Pulice said it was the first time she could recall a local student attending the PTA conference. During the open session, she said, Ashley stood up and posed a question that concerned not only East Meadow, but students throughout the state. “She gets the bigger picture,” said Allred Pulice.

And that bigger picture, Allred Pulice said, are parents joining together to advocate for children on all levels. “It’s a rewarding experience … you see how our efforts are effecting change,” she said. “It’s not instantaneous, slow and steady gets the end result.

“If we keep advocating for our children,” Allred Pulice continued. “We’re going to get there.”

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