Parking a concern at Aquatic Center

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Last October, Hiller received a $120 parking ticket after she was unable to locate a regular spot. She parked on the grass bordering the lot to avoid the walk from the overflow lots. “I’m happy to park in [the overflow lot] and walk a little bit,” she said, adding that she has to arrive at least 45 minutes early to have a chance at locating a parking spot. “But put some lights up. I’m not walking in the dark.”

Lot 1 has more than 100 spots, and is also accessible from Merrick Avenue. “Lot 1 has plenty of parking spaces,” said Foskey. “It is a five-minute walk along a lighted path.”

Lot 6, which is accessible from Park Boulevard, served as a collection area for Hurricane Sandy debris. Mike Martino, a spokesman for the county’s Public Works Department, said the lot was “cleared of all debris by the end of January.”

The Herald saw no major debris in Lot 6 on Monday, but it was littered with small to medium-sized tree limbs and mud. A large puddle covered approximately 15 parking spots.

Pool users also claim that the entrance gates to Lot 1 are often closed at night. Foskey said that the Aquatic Center staff has heard this complaint, but added that “they have never seen that occur.”

Foskey also said that the staff had recently sent a reminder to the park’s public safety officers to make sure the gates stay open while the Aquatic Center is open.

Police presence at Eisenhower

Kenneth Lack, a spokesman for the Nassau County Police Department, told the Herald that Eisenhower Park is within the confines of the 3rd Precinct, and post cars 324 and 325 are responsible for patrolling the park. Lack added that the park is also the headquarters of the NCPD’s mounted unit as well as the department’s public security civilian staff.

Lack, who said he worked at post 324 for about five years, called the park “incredibly safe,” and explained that the Police Department steps up its security measures when the Aquatic Center hosts events.

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