Parking a concern at Aquatic Center

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“Eisenhower Park is much, much larger than Central Park,” said Duffy, who has received two parking tickets at Eisenhower. “I know they want to keep the grass green, but they could free up some parking spots just by paving a little grass. It wouldn’t be a very expensive thing to move the fence back. They certainly have the land to put in some more parking spots.”

Foskey said that a plan was in place to expand the parking lot during the Suozzi administration, but, he added, “There are no details as to what happened with that.”

One member of a swim team that uses the Aquatic Center said she would not return until the problem is remedied. “I’ve stopped swimming there because I don’t want to get another ticket,” said Maureen Shannon, of Great Neck, who was also ticketed on Feb. 28. “There’s simply not enough legal places to park for the amount of patrons using the facility. Going there to swim and stay healthy has become more of a stress inducer rather than a stress reliever because of this.”

Glen Cove resident Peter Ventura also received a $120 fine on Feb. 28. “The county is doing a good thing for these [Long Beach] groups, but ticketing is unfair,” he said. “The grass is always crowded, and people park everywhere. We have no choice.”

Hiller, Hayes, Shannon and Ventura all said they plan to fight their tickets.

Foskey said that, according to the Department of Public Works, a comprehensive traffic and parking study will be conducted to accommodate the construction of the new Twin Rinks Ice Center, which is expected to be completed in the fall.

“Based on the outcome of the study,” he said, “additional parking spaces will be added, either adjacent to the existing spaces along Merrick Avenue, or perhaps in another area to be determined.”

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