Scenes from the snow in East Meadow

For residents, a day of shoveling and fun


Several inches of snow walloped East Meadow overnight Thursday, before tapering off Friday afternoon.

Residents cleared their driveways and walkways, and when that was done, they made sure to have a little fun, too.

Joe Polansky was finishing clearing the sidewalk of his Luddington Road home while his daughter, Sara, and her friend Hannah Arbuse, both 13, sledded in the front yard. Polansky said he had prepared for the storm by stocking up on gasoline for his snow blower, water, rock salt and windshield washer fluid.

His plans after shoveling, he said, were to "Go inside, make a fire, and sleep next to the fire."

Ajay Patel, of Lincoln Street, was shoveling his front yard with his cousin Dave and his sister, Nilam. Dave, who is from Georgia, said he was initially excited to come out and shovel the snow, something he is not accustomed to down South. "I came out here for five minutes and then said, 'This isn't for me,'" he laughed. "But it's fun doing it with your cousins."

Joe Doyle, of Post Street, finally had the opportunity to take his daughter, Lila, 4, out to play around 2:30 Friday afternoon. Asked what she enjoys most about the snow, Lila said, "I like to make snow angels. And snowmen."