Twin Rinks construction under way at Eisenhower

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A county spokesman told the Herald last month that a “comprehensive study” would soon be conducted to determine whether additional parking spaces are needed at the park.

But public reaction to the Twin Rinks construction has been largely positive. “I think the ice skating rink will be a great addition to this area,” said East Meadow resident Amanda Taggart Skoros. “It is being privately funded and … maintained privately. Those projects are usually more successful, and the county will see some portion of the proceeds from the rink. Sounds like a winner to me.”

Another local resident, Sharon Oderwald, agreed. “I love seeing development in East Meadow,” she said. “I think with all the closed store fronts, the community has an opportunity to redefine itself. Setting up a new family-friendly ice rink has the potential of attracting new business to the area.”

“I for one will enjoy this rink,” said Becky Gillman Goldberg, also of East Meadow, “and I will appreciate having this private business help pay into our dwindling tax base.”

One resident, however, said she wasn’t so sure about the project. “I think it might be a good idea,” said Lisa Dellacio, “[but] I really feel that the people should have been asked before it got approved.”

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