Parent volunteer leads lesson at Barnum Woods


Parent volunteer Paxton Provitera visited three classrooms on Feb. 11 at the Barnum Woods Elementary School in the East Meadow School District to give physical demonstrations on various science topics.

Provitera came prepared with models, supplies and props to showcase the many different ways in which science is everywhere as well as the fun it presents. For a hands-on lesson, he supplied each student with a lab coat and gloves.

One of the demonstrations used cool whip, graham crackers and water to illustrate the way mountains form. Other exhibits included lessons on how lungs work in a human body, how the esophagus moves food in the body and how a hydro lift moves up and down. Visual models were created through the use of household items.

The lesson concluded with the grand finale, which showed how a volcano works. Students were excited to watch vinegar go through a water bottle and mix with baking soda to create a mini-explosion that simulated a volcanic eruption.

“We thank Mr. Provitera for providing a visual and exciting science lesson for our students,” said second-grade teacher Barbara Vicino.

—Brian Stieglitz