Baldwin opens its arms — and doors — to East Rockaway students

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Seventh-grader Caleigh Goldman, 12, was looking forward to her first year as a junior high student at East Rockaway High — which she attended for nearly two months before the storm — but, she said of the temporary move to Milburn, “It’s good, I like it. It’s the same friends, and it’s not as crowded.” On the negative side, Caleigh said, she has to get up earlier, has a different teacher for one of her classes and misses her writing club. “I’m looking forward to regular school,” she admitted.

Her mother, Maryann Goldman, said that her older daughter, Meghan, an East Rockaway senior, misses her computer class and doesn’t like eating lunch in her classroom. (Students can’t leave Shubert during the day.) “I was nervous at first,” Maryann said, “but they’re adjusting, and that’s what matters.”

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