Children of the Storm

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Connect with supportive people, community and rituals. Simple things like familiar routine or family traditions remind you and your child of your way of life and offer hope. “You can help your child best when you take care of yourself, says Elementary School social worker Denise Winters.

“There are many resources out there to help families financially and emotionally, says Maureen Schutta, District social worker and transition coordinator. We are encouraging all families to use these resources to help them get back on their feet.”

Community members who need support or referrals can contact any district psychologist or social worker that can then connect them with community resources. Parents can also access free counseling services directly through Project Hope by contacting South Nassau Communities Hospital at (516) 377-5400 or Long Beach Reach at (516) 889-2332.

Community members can contact St Raymond’s Parish to find out more about financial assistance offered through Project Hope and Catholic Charities.

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