East Rockaway Kiwanis Club donates gift cards

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Hirschberg, who is also the president of the East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce, said she looks to help her community whenever possible. The Chamber donated $1,500 to the Village Foundation after the storm, which also went to help families in need. “We’ve got to bring back this community better than ever,” she said.

One of the psychologists who have helped comprise the list of families in need, Tina Smith, is looking forward to delivering some good news to some people who have been through a lot in recent months.

“The best part for me has been reaching out to the families actually receiving the gift cards, to notify them to expect something coming home,” she said. “It really has been so helpful for families to know that the district is helping them when they’re feeling really down and they are faced with monumental tasks of rebuilding. This small little bit that we send home just gives them a little bit more energy to tackle their hurdles in this big, long process.”

With this latest donation, members of the school district and the Kiwanis Club hope it will people provide a nice pick-me-up to those who are rebuilding their homes.

“We’re trying to do our part because our community is going to come back and we’re going to be better than ever,” Gilloon said.

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