East Rockaway students, others remember Pearl Harbor


On December 4, the 8th grade of East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School gathered at the gazebo by the Fishery with veterans of all wars and branches of service. They were all there to commemorate that tragic day 72 years ago, December 7, 1941, known as the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some veterans, along with Mayor Francis Lenahan, gave speeches about that treacherous day. After the speeches, veterans participated in the laying of the wreath, and the lowering of the American flag to honor the brave men and women who have died protecting our country.

The 8th grade students enjoyed the ceremony, as they were further educated by veterans about our country’s history. It was very nice for the veterans allowing the students to be there and honor the people who had lost their lives on that awful day, leading us into World War II. The veterans, led by Tony Donato, were very appreciative of the 8th graders attending, and they were invited to the American Legion for some lunch and refreshments. The 8th graders now understand the meaning of the ceremony, and that it’s important to keep their memories alive so that people will never forget them.