Lynbrook High School students receive diplomas

Class of 2013 looks back, looks ahead


The weather couldn’t have been more delightful on the evening of June 21, which made the Marion Street School field the perfect outdoor setting at which to see the Lynbrook High School class of 2013 off into the world.

With “Pomp and Circumstance” filling the air, the graduates were greeted by thunderous applause as they filed onto the field in a glistening wave of green and gold.

In her salutatory address, “Anything but Fear,” Melissa Epstein looked back on her first day of high school as a new transfer student and recalled how frightened and alone she felt, wondering if she would ever make friends. “I stand before you today a little nervous — not going to lie — but no longer having that familiar fear thanks to all the great experiences I’ve had,” Epstein said. “I’ve learned that with the right attitude and some confidence, a new situation shouldn’t be approached with fear, but rather as an adventure that can take you wherever you want.”

Valedictorian SoEun Lee used the image of footprints in the sands of time to reflect on the past four years. “The fact is, they were a long four years of not just studying and taking tests, but also of seeing the world around us make footprints in our generation’s history,” Lee said. “While we’ve been racing against time to prepare for our futures, and for this very last moment, high school happened and life happened. We’ve survived together through the ups and downs of high school, and we’ve engraved our footprints on Lynbrook High School. We have all worked toward different goals and successes. Strive for your own definition of success and satisfaction. Leave behind a footprint that defines you, and only you.”

Principal Joseph Rainis thanked the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce, the Police Department and the Department of Public Works for giving the seniors a great kickoff to the prom at their annual pre-prom party, and Fly with the Owls and the Lynbrook Village Recreation Department for hosting the annual post-prom breakfast. Rainis went on to highlight the moments and events that distinguished this class, whose members have been accepted at more than 220 colleges and earned more than $14 million in scholarships.

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