Protesters to Skelos: Allow vote on the Women's Equality Act

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“Once again we can make history in New York — the birthplace of the women’s rights movement a century and a half ago — but it requires that we level the playing field for women in the state,” said Joan Malin, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of New York City and a member of the State-wide Women’s Equality Agenda Steering Committee. “The eyes of New York’s women are on the Legislature, waiting to see this historic agenda passed. Constituents want to see their elected representatives stand up for the women of the state.”

Susan Gottehrer, of the Nassau County Civil Liberties Union, said that the legislation has a great deal of detail and nuance, and has many important provisions that will improve women’s lives. “The most insidious thing is [Skelos’s] unwillingness to bring it to a vote,” she said.

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