Sons of Italy in America: The beginning

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The New York OSIA Commission Justice (CSJ), founded in 1979, is the anti-defamation arm of the New York Grand Lodge. The CSJ is the only Italian American group designed sp0ecifically to engage in the work of combating the defamation of Americans of Italian heritage and other ethnic groups. The two primary goals of the CSJ are to fight bias, bigotry and discrimination aimed at Italian Americans and to promote the positive image role model of Americans of Italian descent.

The New York Grand Lodge has undergone evolution and changes throughout the decades but the mission and goals remain the same. New York OSIA continues to unite in one organization, all people of Italian Heritage, regardless of their religion, political or personal opinions. They seek to preserve and disseminate the rich, cultural heritage and language of Italy; and promote and advance a positive image role model within the framework of American society, through its involvement in cultural, philanthropic, educational, civic and community activities.

There is no question that the New York Grand Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America is the premier Italian American organization in the state of New York and we are proud of the many successes in our record of achievement.

There are two local lodges in Lynbrook. The Per Sempre Lodge #2344, an all male lodge, and the Per Sempre Ladies Lodge #2344A. Both meet at the Per Sempre Lodge building at 381 Sunrise Highway, Lynbrook. The Per Sempre Lodge meets on the last Tuesday of every month and the Per Sempre Ladies Lodge meets on the second Tuesday of every month. If you can trace your or your spouse’s Italian lineage, you can become a regular member. This also includes those who have been adopted by a person or persons of Italian lineage, spouses of such adopted persons, widows, widowers and divorced spouses of current or former members.

Contributed by the Per Sempre Lodge, Order Sons Of Italy in Lynbrook

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