State qualifiers pace East Rockaway

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“The awards were well-deserved,” Rinn said. “Carly seems to know every runner from every school. She has terrific relationships with those she’s competing against. After Jonathan finishes, he waits at the finish line, and encourages and greets the runners who finish after him. They both have great character. It’s not just about finishing ahead of the pack for them.”

Senior Cara Anderson was another runner who met her goals. Anderson performed well in dual and quad meets and earned All-Division honors. Howard finished first and Anderson third in a 4k meet in October.

Rinn was happy for Anderson. “Cara came to me before the season and said she wanted to at least make All-Division,” he said. “She was very motivated to perform well. Her hard work paid off, as she was consistently among the top 10 finishers at duals and quads.”


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