Guest Column

Summer in the park

Eisenhower Park: A gem in Nassau County


Eisenhower Park is located in East Meadow, and named after former president Dwight D Eisenhower. Its 930 acres make it larger than Central Park. Since 1944, Eisenhower Park has offered a full range of activities for everyone. Long gardens of colorful flowers add to the beauty of the park. A pathway takes you around the garden so its visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk.

There is a fitness trail where people can go for a hike. There is also a golf course, swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts and other athletic facilities so people can play their favorite sport or try a new one. On top of all Eisenhower Park already provides, there are also car shows, culture theme nights, and the Cole Brothers circus comes during the summer.

You can also see different kinds of fish and turtles at the lake in Eisenhower Park. Next to the lake is the 9/11 Memorial, which was created for those who wanted to remember their lost loved ones.  Most importantly, they have developed a new area in Eisenhower Park specifically for individuals with special disabilities — it fits the needs for all individuals. They have included adapted swings and a wheellchair carousel.

The Lakeside Theater has many concerts and movies that people can enjoy. Its events and activities are for people of all ages. In July and August at the Lakeside Theater, they show movies every Thursday night. Before the sun sets, radio station Fresh 120.7 provides music and games. People can win prizes and take some free samples of popcorn to eat for when they watch the movies. Some of these prizes include free concert tickets, famous artist’s CDs, autographs and more.  Free samples of vitamin water are also given out in different flavors.

While I am sitting at the park watching the Thursday night movies, I feel great to be surrounded by so many people, especially my friends.  It’s relaxing, peaceful, and the best way to enjoy my summer.

Ashley Gazes, 28, lives in Oceanside. She works at Trader Joe’s and attends Life’s Worc in East Rockaway. She enjoys watching sports, reading, writing, listening to music and just hanging out with her friends.