Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the invite, mayor


To the Editor:

I have just read Mayor Ed Fare’s message in the Valley Stream Guide published by the Herald. The mayor has included a paragraph that, as a Gibson and School District 14 (Hewlett-Woodmere) resident and taxpayer, I resent. He writes the following:

“Valley Stream’s school system, consisting of three elementary district that share a common Central High School District, provides an excellent education for our youth. Many of our Gibson residents belong to the Hewlett-Woodmere School District, yet are also invited to participate fully in the programs offered through the village.”

I would hope that Mayor Fare realizes that the Gibson residents located in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District are also residents of the Incorporated Village of Valley Stream. They do not need, nor require an invitation to participate fully in the programs offered through the village.

As residents and taxpayers of the village, they are absolutely entitled to participate in all of the village’s programs. In fact, unlike other residents in other sections of the village, the taxpayers of Gibson in District 14 are entitled to membership in the Hewlett-Woodmere Library and the Henry Waldinger Memorial Library. Their taxes go to both facilities.

Telling Gibson residents that they are invited to participate in village programs is like telling a person who is holding a party that he is invited to that party.

Joseph B. Margolin

Valley Stream