The ‘IT’ factor: St. Ray school receives tech update


Adelphi University’s Office of Information Technology (IT) recently donated several computers to St. Raymond’s Catholic School in East Rocakway.

St. Raymond’s, which was somehow unscathed by Superstorm Sandy, became a place of respite providing comfort for its neighbors — a place to share food and conversation and within a week school resumed classes, said Principal, Sister Ruthanne Gypalo, who has been the principal there for 27 years. “The lord was protecting us,” she said, reflecting on the school’s brush with Superstorm Sandy.

“Thankfully, our building was spared any damage,” said school board president Michael DiCarlo. “However, the hurricane affected a fair amount of our families and we, as a school, decided to reduce our fundraising this year.  We could not ask our families who are wrangling with insurance companies and having incurred non-covered expenses to fundraise for us.”

The gift of computers could not have come at a better time for the catholic school that usually relies on donations for all sorts of improvements and to invest in technology. Their computers had lived beyond their optimal working condition and the school’s goal was to replace 30 machines — but that was before the storm arrived.

Earlier in the year, parishioner and Adelphi University IT Communications Specialist Mark Proto had begun volunteering with the school’s IT committee to help maintain and introduce new equipment in St. Raymond’s classes. “After assessing the needs of the school,” Proto said, “I began researching what Adelphi does with their re-furbished equipment.

I found that often times, Adelphi will donate machines.”

With the help of many in the IT department Adelphi University, donated 24 computers, monitors and mice to the school. “I am very proud to be able to work in a place that puts the needs of others first,” Proto said. “It’s is a great way for Adelphi to give back to the young people in our surrounding communities.”