National Grid to perform roadwork in East Rockaway


National Grid is scheduled to perform roadwork on East Rockaway Road, between Broadway and Waverly Avenue, this week to monitor the conditions underground and of a gas main.

To monitor these conditions, National Grid will be creating a series of 8-by-8 holes in the road. According to Wendy Ladd, a company spokeswoman, work on digging up the holes was scheduled to start on Jan. 22. She added that the holes would be temporarily backfilled with sand and hot patched with asphalt.The final restoration of the roads will be completed in the autumn. The Village of East Rockaway notified residents of the work in a Facebook post on Jan. 16.

“This project is one of the many projects identified in the New York State Public Service Commission-approved plan to modernize the existing gas infrastructure on Long Island,” Ladd said in an email to the Herald. “The pipe is not leaking now, but has been identified through a risk-base software to be suspect in the future.”

A similar process is expected for the roads between Union Avenue and Waverly Avenue in 2019.