Six Lynbrook firefighters honored by Town of Hempstead for saving woman's life


Six Lynbrook firefighters who were part of a team of first responders who helped save the life of a Lynbrook mother in April were honored by Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen on Nov. 29 at the town’s annual Firematic Awards ceremony at Town Hall.

In April, the firefighters responded to a call about a 43-year-old unconscious female at a residence on Dorothy Place at 9:26 a.m. Third Assistant Fire Chief John Donald, while responding to the scene, was notified by radio that Lynbrook police officers had arrived at the home and had begun CPR on the mother of two. The mother was in cardiac arrest and showed no signs of life.

When Donald arrived, at the same time as a Northwell Health ambulance, Lynbrook Police Sgt. Sean Haffey led him to the second floor, where LPD officer Kevin Hoffman was performing chest compressions on the woman, who was lying on the bedroom floor and not breathing. Another officer, Jeff Burke, was administering rescue breaths using a bag valve mask and also monitoring al defibrillator.

Donald announced over the radio that there was a confirmed cardiac arrest. After two AED shocks garnered now response and chest compressions and rescue breaths continued, Donald relieved Hoffman and maintained the chest compressions while an EMT from Northwell relieved Burke and continued rescue breaths. A Northwell paramedic assisted by assessing the woman and applying life support techniques.

Soon after, the Lynbrook Fire Department Emergency Medical Company ambulance arrived. Lynbrook EMT and ex-Captain Cathy Bien and Lynbrook firefighter and EMT Alex Mertz worked on the woman. EMT Shannon Tracy relieved Bien. While the rescue effort continued upstairs, Lynbrook EMT/First Lieutenant Kaitlyn Curran and EMT/Second Lieutenant Kacie Curran obtained vital medical information from the woman’s husband and also assisted with the family’s two small children.

After a faint pulse was obtained. Northwell supervisor and paramedic Keith Wilken arrived with a CPR device, which replaced manual compressions. The team carried her on a sleeve to a stretcher outside. She was transported in the Northwell ambulance, escorted by a Lynbrook police car, to South Nassau Communities Hospital, in Oceanside. The woman was placed in the cardiac care unit in serious but stable condition.