Elmont Board honors ESL students


The Elmont Board of Education recognized 67 students throughout the district for their passing of the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test. The annual exam, which was given last spring, tested students’ progress and gauged the development of their speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiencies in English as their second language.

Elmont District’s Director of Pupil Personnel and Special Education Barbara Schwatrz said at the Board’s March 12 meeting that the students’ passing of the exam is a major success because they have had to learn an entirely new language in a new country.

“We are here to honor our ESL students who have passed the NYSESLAL, which is a very difficult exam for these students,” said Schwartz. “These students have come to us from other countries, have worked very hard, and now not only speak in their own language, but are also proficient in English.”

Also at the meeting were students in the district’s Jazz Master’s band, who performed as a preview of their March 20 concert, and Board of Education President Michael Jaime.

“On behalf of [Superintendent of Schools] Al Harper and the entire board, I’d like to congratulate all of the ESL students and their families, and thank all of the administrators and teachers that were instrumental in reaching this great milestone,” said Jaime.