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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Incumbent Martins runs for 2nd term
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Jack Martins and Daniel Ross are the two candidates running for the New York Senate's 7th District.

Herald: What are the issues that are unique to the Senate district?

Martins: Over the past two years, we were able to work together to get our state’s economy on the right track. A significant part of our efforts going forward will be seeking economic development that makes sense for our communities to expand our tax base and create jobs. There is a tremendous opportunity to redevelop the south lot at Belmont Park to bring much needed revenue and job growth to the region.
We also need to continue our commitment to funding our schools so that our children receive the outstanding education they are accustomed to receiving. This will require that we continue to fight in Albany for our fair share of school funding.
In the Franklin Square and Elmont communities, the safety of Hempstead Turnpike continues to be an issue. The State Department of Transportation has made significant safety improvements and needs to continue its commitment to making this major thoroughfare safer.
Like many other areas throughout New York State, there are communities in the 7th Senate District that are still struggling because of the economy. While we have seen progress in our state, we must continue to watch the bottom line so that residents and businesses are not saddled with higher taxes.

Ross: I am concerned with coming up with quality use of Belmont Park, including bringing in jobs. I am also concerned with environmental protection, especially as it relates to the water supply and preservation of green space, public safety including gun control and maintaining a high quality of life through monitoring the cost of living.

Herald: What are your thoughts on the tax cap?

Martins: I voted in favor of the tax cap because the growth of property taxes we have seen prior to the cap being enacted simply was not sustainable. The tax cap slows the growth of property tax to provide some relief to residents and businesses that have been hit hard during the recession and simply cannot afford to pay more. The cap allows for our school districts and local governments to take a hard look at expenses to put forth budgets that the community can afford. 


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Two years ago when I met Jack Martins i believed in him for his record in Mineola. But as he was elected as the State Senator for our District, he has talked but NOT delivered. Their are many residents that are not pleased with Jack Martins. He promised many SIMPLE changes and did not come through. As a POLITITCIAN YOU SHOULD BACK UP WHAT YOU SAY AND NOT JUST SAY WHAT YOU CANNOT DELIVER. All I see is Jack Martins visiting sports teams, basketball games, football HS games to show his face and promise the young on things he just cannot deliver. Jack Martins said the same message two years ago on the Belmont development, but he did not come through. Now, Jack Martins wants to be re-elected on the same message, but their are many residents that are just upset and will not vote for him. He will not deliver the jobs, development as he says"He just talks to talk and does not come through". Jack Martins should run for Mayor of Mineola, he does not get it as a State Senator!!! Many will cross party lines and vote for Mr. Ross. Politicians that do not come through on what they promised, should NOT BE RE-ELECTED!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | Report this

I must say all what Jack said about taxes and mandates. The taxes did not come down, matter of fact they went UP. I don't hear Jack say lets consolidate school districts, LETS BUILD HOUSING, WHAT EVER IT IS LOW, MIDDLE OR UPPER CLASS HOUSING. WE NEED our residents to stay in Nassau County,and not to move out. WE NEED AFFORDABLE HOUSING - PERIOD. Jack said this two years ago, and we are still waiting. TAXES NEED TO COME DOWN, NOT UP. The school districts really need board members that have some common sense. They just continue to approve budgets that are not sustainable. The boards and superintendents need to come to realize we need consolidation, and they have plenty of $ in reserve funds. Why vote for the 2% cap and then have a provision in the same bill if you have over 60% of the residents to bust the 2% cap, they could, A CAP IS A CAP PERIOD - THAT JUST IS A LOOPHOLE THAT ALLOWS THE DISTRICTS TO BUST THE CAP. This is just more garbage after garbage of bills that pass that Jack supported. AS A REPUBLICAN, OUR PARTY IS A DISFUNCTIONAL - WE NEED BETTER LEADERSHIP, AND NOT POLITICIANS THAT WANT A PENSION ON OUR BACKS THAT WE WILL PAY IN THE FUTURE, JUST LIKE CRAIG JOHNSON, DIDN'T DELIVER, DID'T GET RE-ELECTED.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | Report this
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