Incumbent Martins runs for 2nd term

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We also recognize that expenses are going up and there are some circumstances that may warrant exceeding the cap. That’s why there is a mechanism in place to override the tax cap by a super majority of voters, meaning 60 percent of the board of a local government or, in the case of school budgets, 60 percent of those residents voting on a budget. This allows for a community to make the decision for itself on whether to override the tax cap. 

As a member of the Governor’s Mandate Relief Committee, I look forward to reviewing proposals for mandate relief to see where we can relieve our school districts and local governments from unfunded mandates. Mandate relief will result in savings that can ultimately be passed onto the taxpayers.


Ross: The concept is great, though the execution needs to be refined from a one size fits all to one which works with local areas to truly accomplish a conservative and responsible tax levy.

Herald: What would be your objectives if elected?

Martins: Over the past two years, we were able to work in a bi-partisan manner with the Governor to get New York State back on the right fiscal track. We passed two consecutive on-time budgets that closed billions of dollars in deficits without raising any taxes or fees. I will be working toward passing a third consecutive budget that keeps spending levels in line with revenues. 

Last year, we were able to pass an income tax cut for middle class New Yorkers that reduced state income tax rates to their lowest level in 58 years. I will be working towards provided greater tax relief for our residents by working with my colleagues to restore the STAR rebate check program to provide seniors and middle class families millions of dollars in savings. 

I will also work to build consensus to provide mandate relief to local governments and  school districts, including my proposal to flatten the employer pension contribution rate. 

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