Incumbent Martins runs for 2nd term

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Martins: Two years ago, I went to the New York State Senate because I didn’t agree with how the state was being run. The state was spending beyond its means; property taxes were escalating to unsustainable levels and the state’s policies were hurting small businesses at the worst possible time, during our most difficult economic period since the Great Depression. Over the past two years, we worked together with the Governor to pass consecutive budgets that closed billions of dollars in deficits without raising a single tax or fee; we enacted a property tax cap to slow the growth of property taxes, and a middle-class state income tax cut. We also repealed the MTA Payroll Tax for 80 percent of those who were saddled with paying it. 

While the economy was our primary focus, we also tackled important issues such as our prescription drug abuse epidemic by passing landmark I-STOP legislation that creates a database to track prescription drugs. 

Over the past two years, we made difficult decisions to get New York on the right fiscal track. I will continue to build on the progress we have made over the last two years, which have been called historic for our state, by working in a bi-partisan manner to do what’s best for the residents of the Seventh Senate District.

Ross: I have a diverse background encompassing community service with the fire service for over ten years all the while being a lifelong resident of the district.  Furthermore, I manage a small business and understand the rigors that employers on Long Island face.  Prior to that, I spent many years in finance where I acquired great knowledge of global markets both domestically abroad.  Most importantly, I am free of special interests and big donors who would have restricted my ability to represent the constituents fully.

Herald: What should be done to bring more business to the district?

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