Sewanhaka makes A.P. honor roll

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The majority of students who are enrolled in A.P. classes are in grades 10 through 12, she explained. The most popular classes are language composition and U.S. history. The district fosters collaboration among teachers, and their disparate subjects, so students can get the most out their lessons. Many teachers in the high schools, Champ said, coordinate readings from language composition with U.S. history to enhance students’ learning.

The district encourages students to take A.P. classes even if they fear they might not be able to handle them. Each student meets with his or her advisor halfway through the school year to discuss the course load for the following year. While some students may already know they want to take an A.P. course, advisers and teachers encourage students who might be on the fence. “If the student is willing to put in the work and has interest,” Champ said, “we encourage them to try.”

Taking A.P. courses at the high school level helps many students move into higher-level courses once they reach college, Ferrie said, saving them time and money. Even if they don’t receive college credit, he added, most feel better prepared for college.

“Parents are supportive of offering these courses,” Ferrie said. “They see the value, and they want us to continue.”

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