Stewart Manor welcomes new parents


The PTA at Stewart Manor School in the Elmont School District welcomed new parents with a brunch on Sept. 27. The brunch, which took place during the PTA’s regular meeting, introduced the new parents to the school in a smaller, more intimate setting. Parents were able to converse with each other over breakfast, while learning more about the school and how the PTA functions in the school environment.

“I think it is nice to have all of the new parents in a smaller setting,” Principal Hope Kranidis said. “It gives them the opportunity to ask questions, re-familiarize themselves with school procedures and meet people. It’s also a great way for the PTA to share the kinds of events they do and to really get the new parents involved.” Kranidis added that the parents are the ones who really propel the wonderful events that take place at the school.

Kranidis also gave a basic introduction to Stewart Manor, including protocols and classroom instruction. Additionally, she explained the role of all personnel so that parents understood the staff members’ role at the school. Michele Caponi-Sajecki, assistant to the principal, spoke about the many components to learning, including special classes, assessments and character education.

“It is important because you get to meet the faculty and meet other parents as well,” said pre-K parent Lisette Cantara about attending the brunch. “It helps you to adjust as a new parent.”