Catering to their customers

Family owned car repair business moves from Woodmere to Lawrence


After moving from Woodmere to Lawrence, A & A Service Station owners Jack Redash and his brother, Tommy, believe consolidating businesses is the latest trend.

On Jan. 1, the station, formerly located on West Broadway in Woodmere, moved to 223 Rockaway Turnpike in Lawrence as the cost of business grew, the brothers thought they could no longer offer competitive pricing.

“We sold the property in Woodmere and began renting a space at Gritsers Service Station,” Jack said. “The owner’s father and my father opened their stations around the same time and became friends and now we maintain a friendship.”

The Redash’s father, Andy and his partner Al opened A & A Service Station in the mid-1940s. “They lived nearby and it was close to home,” Jack said about the Woodmere location. “It became a real family station as my mom did the books and my other two brothers worked there at one time as well.”

Jack added that he got into the automotive industry after helping his father at the service station. “It wasn’t my first choice of careers but after I got involved it was tough to get out,” the Cedarhurst resident said. “I really enjoy dealing with people and interacting with them.”

Artie Uberti, a Cedarhurst resident, has been going to A & A Service Station for more than 30 years. “My father went there before me,” he said. “The service is very good and they are very honest. They’re also family oriented and will do the right thing for their customers.”

Tommy, like his brother, looks forward to interacting with the patrons. “We’re more than a business,” he said. “We treat people like friends, not just customers.”

The brother’s dedication to service is what makes A & A Service Station special. “We offer pick-up and delivery service,” Jack said. “We’ll pick up a vehicle at someone’s house and drop them off somewhere while they wait for their car. We bend over backwards to help our customers and that’s what my father built this business on.”